Acquisition: Land Purchase and Build to Suit to Own
203,000 s.f.
Delta Electronics
Tijuana Baja California
11.5 Acres

Action Plan

• Market Analysis, Building Cost Estimate, Industrial Building Floor Plan
• Building Lease with Purchase Option, Interviews & Meetings with Land Owners
• Location Analysis and Land Assemblage (3 different owners)
• Negotiated Land Purchase
• Project Drawings, Engineering Calculations, Soil Studies
• Construction Proposals, Contract Negotiation for Building and Building Construction
• Service Providers for Delta: Assisted with Interviews & Selection and Manager Job Interviews
• Government Training Program
• Researched Mortgage Backed Loan


  • 1. Below-market cost for land purchase
    – Saved $13/m2 off asking land prices in Tijuana
  • 2. Below market price for all engineering and design work.
  • 3. Created intense competition among land sellers and builders, ensuring lowest possible building cost for Delta
    -Final, negotiated building price was $1,500,000 less than the first round bid
  • 4. Identified hidden costs and minimized in advance
    – Assisted Delta’s budget for hidden fees and costs in Tijuana
  • 5. Negotiated long-term quality guarantees and warranties for manufacturing facility
    – Achieved up to 10-year warranties directly from builder.
  • 6. Assisted Delta General managers in all phases of operation and building set-up
  • 7. Assisted Delta research finance project after construction