For Immediate Release

APODACA, Nuevo Leon, March 24, 2017

NAI Mexico announced today it is hosting the “Monterrey Operations Directors Forum” event global industrial operations executives from Northern Mexico on Thursday, March 30, 2017.

The event will feature 3 industry experts providing thought leadership from PWC (global economic trends), Seraph (management consulting), and NAI (global business advisory) discussing the US political election, Mexico operations competitiveness, potential tariff impacts, and how executives can remain competitive during 2017’s disrupted market uncertainty. The event is complementary to NAI invited clients.

NAI Mexico CEO Gary Swedback noted:

The main objective is to enable operations managers understand what will happen in Mexico due to the US election impact, tools the team has created to enable planning managers to understand their competitive position in Mexico, and how to help their operations remain competitive their internal corporate operations in the US and world markets

The event will take place at Prologis Park Apodaca, for a small—select group, limited to 30 executives Thursday, March 30, at Prologis Park Apodaca from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

For additional info please visit:


For more details and agenda, please contact:

Edgardo Hernandez
T (844)122 4186

Gary Swedback
CEO – NAI Mexico
T (619) 665 5391

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