NAI Mexico Regional Meeting Event 2019


NAI Mexico Regional Meeting Event 2019, hosted in the city of Tijuana, Mexico

By Melissa Hubert at NAI Mexico.

The 23, 24 and 25 of January 2019 marked our Regional Meeting with the team from all the NAI Mexico offices and the kick off for the year ahead. The event was focused on launching 2019 and getting participation and workshops from experts in our sector.

On Wednesday we had the pleasure to receive Elisa Ibañez, a tax accountant specialist to present the Legal Tax Changes taking place along the US-Mexico border region and how it will affect and beneficiate our company as well as our clients and partners. Elizabeth Zamora, the commercial director of FINSA also gave a presentation focused on Industrial Developers and what they expect from brokers. The rest of the day was spent presenting case studies and workshops on the sales team.

On Thursday the members of the team presented themselves and their roles within the company. The digital marketing strategy, as well as the events in which the firm should participate, were discussed. Vesta Chief Commercial Officer Elias Laniado also gave a presentation regarding the developers’ needs from the brokers. The day was set to plan for the year and we concluded with a grand dinner for a better team building.

Finally, on Friday Matthew Smith from RealNex came to present the new CRM tool we’re set to use nationally, a tool specifically created to attend the needs of commercial real estate firms in the world. The Regional Meeting ended with an award ceremony for Sales/Staff person of the year, Sales/Staff Rising Stars of NAI Mexico, and a special Diamond Recognition for Gabriela Torres and Sandra Soto for their continued years of dedicated service and excellence.

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Thanks a lot for participating, we hope to see you at the next regional meeting!